8 Jan 2008

Vanuatu ministers to meet over police back pay

4:11 pm on 8 January 2008

Police in Vanuatu still have no idea when they will be paid money owing to them by the Public Service Commission.

The Daily Post reports over 500 police are owed over 680-thousand US dollars, or 63-million Vanuatu vatu in back pay claims dating back to 2006.

Some police threatened not to perform their duties well if payments weren't made by the end of last year.

A special Council of Ministers meeting is due to meet this month to approve the back pay, but our correspondent in Port Vila Len Garae, says police are already frustrated over the delay.

He says there's concern over whether police will continue to perform their duties if they aren't paid quickly.

"The police would want their back pay paid as soon as possible. And the sooner the ministers responsible respond favourably, the better."

Len Garae.