9 Jan 2008

Solomons Guadalcanal province stricken by floods

4:20 pm on 9 January 2008

Thousands of people are estimated to be affected by flooding in Solomon Islands province of Guadalcanal.

Heavy rain and La Nina weather conditions caused flooding in the area and destroyed many food gardens.

The Provincial and National Disaster Management offices sent a team to the area earlier, which is recommending agricultural assessments and medical monitoring to prevent a major disease outbreak.

A programme officer, Julian Makaa, says it's not clear yet if and when emergency supplies will reach the people there.

"That is still being assessed. If anything we should be getting some kind of support through the request of Guadalcanal province to the communities later this week. People are calling on the responsible authorities to support them."

Julian Makaa says people should boil their drinking water and stay out of the water if possible.

More rain is expected.