10 Jan 2008

Marshalls ties with Taiwan set to continue

9:07 am on 10 January 2008

The new Marshall Islands President Litokwa Tomeing and Taiwan's President Chen Shui-Bian have held a cordial telephone exchange, indicating relations between the two countries remain on track.

This follows earlier comments by Mr Tomeing that he wanted to switch diplomatic recognition to China.

Mr Chen called to congratulate Mr Tomeing on his election on Monday and then invited him to make a state visit to Taiwan as soon as he selects his Cabinet.

He has also told Mr Tomeing that Taiwan is ready to bail out the ailing national airline that has seen all flights

cancelled for three months.

Mr Tomeing has accepted Mr Chen's offers.

Meanwhile, Taiwan's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Elizabeth Chu will lead a delegation expected to arrive in Majuro today to congratulate President Tomeing and the Speaker Jurelang Zedkaia and Vice Speaker Alik Alik.