12 Jan 2008

American Samoa prison running low on food

9:39 am on 12 January 2008

An increase in the prison population over the festive holiday season is presenting a problem for American Samoa's Tafuna correctional facility.

Prison Warden Fuega Saite says they are running low on funds to purchase food supplies because their budget for food is based on the number of convicted inmates and does not take into account other detainees.

He says there are 120 convicted inmates but over the holidays the prisons's population shot up to 200.

He says some of the detainees, held for public peace disturbance, assaults and other crimes awaiting court cases are held for up to several weeks or months and during that time the facility has to provide them with three meals a day.

Fuega says he has a budget of $280,000 for food.

He says that amount may sound a lot, but its just not enough.