17 Jan 2008

Tokelau atolls to elect leaders and Fono selections

2:13 pm on 17 January 2008

Elections for the Faipule, or village leaders, of Tokelau's three atolls are taking place this week.

The pulenuku, or village mayor, will also be elected.

Selections from each atoll for membership in Tokelau's Fono, or General Assembly, are being made as well.

The elections on the atolls of Nukunonu and Atafu are to take place the day after tomorrow..

The incumbent Faipule of Faka'ofo, Kolouei O'Brien, says their atoll election will take place tomorrow:

"We do that all, the election, tomorrow. So by the afternoon or evening we should know the new faipule, the new pulenuku, and the candidates for the General Fono - it'll be twenty [members] this year. According to our census last November, it's seven in Faka'ofo, seven in Atafu and six in Nukunonu."

The Faipule of Faka'ofo, Kolouei O'Brien.