18 Jan 2008

Fiji Water dispute with tax body to go to court

8:05 am on 18 January 2008

Natural Waters of Viti Limited, the manufacturer of Fiji Water has filed court proceedings against the Fiji Islands Revenue & Customs Authority to resume exports of Fiji Water.

The company's exports have been stopped since December by FIRCA over valuation issues.

The company says the dispute has affected the shipment of over 400 containers worth several million dollars in exports

The President, John Cochran, says it has been working to resolve the issues with FIRCA and has complied with every request on a timely basis.

He says he hopes the legal action will assist towards an outcome so that Fiji Water exports will resume.

Mr Cochran says he believes FIRCA is acting on poor and speculative advice based on misinformation about the value of NWVL's products.