21 Jan 2008

Tokelau atoll of Fakaofo chooses new leader as Atafu and Nukunonu retain their faipule

2:38 pm on 21 January 2008

Tokelau's election results for the faipule or village leaders of the three atolls have seen a new faipule elected in Fakaofo.

Elections were held over the weekend to also elect village mayors and delegate members for Tokelau's General Fono.

Foua Toloa is the new faipule for Fakaofo atoll and takes over from Kolouei O'Brien.

Kuresa Nasau has been re-elected in as the faipule for Atafu for another term.

And the ulu, or head of government for Tokelau for 2008, is Pio Tuia, who last held this role in 2005 and who was also re-elected as the faipule for Nukunonu.

New village mayors or pulenuku are Tinielu Tumuli in Fakaofo, Lino Isaia in Nukunonu, and Nouata Tufoua in Atafu.