22 Jan 2008

Vanuatu suspect surrenders after two weeks into probe of Australian's death

2:05 pm on 22 January 2008

The prime suspect in the killing of an Australian woman in Vanuatu earlier this month has surrendered to the police.

After two weeks on the run, 20-year old Jacky Saul gave himself up following a call for him to surrender by his mother and the President, Kalkot Mataskelekele.

The deputy police commissioner, Arthur Caulton, has welcomed the surrender saying it was a wise decision.

He says one of the other four suspects who confirmed being with him admitted they had only planned to rob the victim.

The first suspect surrendered last week to the police and named the other three who were then arrested in a police raid.

A postmortem confirmed that the woman had died as a result of a knife wound on her neck.

The suspects are to appear in the magistrate court on January the 30th.