23 Jan 2008

A community leader believes the actions of a few does not sit well with their colleagues

11:34 am on 23 January 2008

A former senior Solomon Islands police officer believes the compensation paid to a group of Malaitans will have an adverse affect within the Solomon Islands community.

The 50-thousand Solomon Islands dollars or 7,000 US dollars was paid after some people from Malaita took exception to a public notice that used offensive language against their Malaitans and threatened violent action in the city if the government didn't pay up.

Joseph Baetolingia whose now a community leader has condemned the way the money was squeezed out of the government, and believes he's not alone in his objections.

"Vast majority of Malaitans would not not agree with such an approach, because the money in the treasury that belongs to central government is money belonging to the Solomon Islands not just one particular province'."

Joseph Baetolingia says how the money was obtained was unlawful and those responsible should be arrested.

The government has defended its decision to pay out the compensation.