25 Jan 2008

American Senate's leaders reject inquiry into Governor's treatment at LBJ

10:05 am on 25 January 2008

Our correspondent in American Samoa says it's unlikely that the Senate will hold an investigation into the treatment of Governor Togiola at the LBJ Hospital.

Last Wednesday Senator Alo Dr. Paul Stevenson issued a call for the Senate to launch such an investigation.

He said the Senate would write to the Lt, Governor requesting an investigation by OTICIDE.

However Senate President Lolo Moliga said this week that no such request will be made.

He said this is a delicate and complex issue and there are laws to protect a patient's privacy.

The President said the Senate should not be seen as making an issue out of the quality of health care only when it concerns a leader.

Lolo said that the treatment received by every citizen of the territory should be just as important to the Fono.