28 Jan 2008

Nauru fisherman survive 11 days at seas after engine fails

11:28 am on 28 January 2008

Three fishermen from Nauru, who survived 11-days at sea after their engine broke down on a day trip, are finally preparing to fly home from the Marshalls.

The group had gone out for a fishing trip in their small 14-foot aluminum boat when a strong current whisked them away and their engine failed.

It wasn't until January 13 that they were rescued by a Taiwanese purse seiner fishing near Papua New Guinea after drifting close to 1,600 kilometres southwest of Nauru.

The trio will get a special lift home from the Marshall Islands to

Nauru courtesy of Taiwan's Vice President Annette Lu, who flies to Majuro this week.

The men were dropped off in Majuro by the fishing vessel after it ended a ten day trip at sea.

During their ordeal, the three men from Nauru survived after catching one tuna and a shark.