29 Jan 2008

Environmental concerns in Japan could delay US marine move to Guam

12:01 pm on 29 January 2008

Guam's impending US military buildup may hinge on efforts to ensure the livelihood of an endangered sea cow or dugong.

Guam Pacific Daily News says a federal judge has ruled that the Department of Defence has violated a law requiring agencies to consider the impact of their activities on cultural and historic resources.

The ruling stems from the military's plans for a proposed Futenma Replacement Facility off the coast of Okinawa in Japan.

It is a key component for the transfer of some 8,000 Marines to Guam.

The proposed facility to replace an existing air station is located in Heneko Bay, which is dugong habitat.

In September 2007, the General Accounting Office submitted a report that said delays in the construction of the new facility, might delay the relocation of Marines to Guam.