29 Jan 2008

Fiji advisor on Family Health rejects calls to stop condom use

2:36 pm on 29 January 2008

Fiji's national advisor on Family Health Dr Josiah Famuela, says its naive to tell people to stop using a condom in a bid to boost the population.

In a bid to get more couples to have children, the Lomaiviti Provincial Council made several recommendations, including to stopping the use of condoms.

The move comes after a school reported a huge drop in student enrolments.

Dr Josiah Famuela says condoms are an essential part of family planning and help prevent the spread of HIV and other STDs or sexually transmitted diseases.

"Lack of knowledge about contraception use because if you look, or if someone takes a closer look at the family planning contraceptive use in the various districts, it hasn't really increased markedly to account for that. And they are using condoms within reason for the fertility control."

Dr Josaiah Famuela says often there are social issues that impact on people's ability to procreate.

He says it's not the first time a provincial council has voiced concern over stagnant populations.