1 Feb 2008

Chief Executive in Samoa Prime Minister's office confident about seasonal scheme

2:39 pm on 1 February 2008

The Chief Executive in the Prime Ministers office in Samoa Auseugaefa Poloma Komiti is confident the three Samoan seasonal workers sent home a few weeks ago for misbehaving won't reflect on others in New Zealand.

Hundreds of Pacific workers are currently employed at various orchards around the country under contract with the New Zealand government's Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme or RSE which was launched last year.

Auseugaefa says while they have zero tolerance for this behaviour, it won't jeopardise the scheme.

"There are three who have been found out this time, and we have over a hundred there that have good stories, and we don't want to jeopardise opportunities for others."

Auseugaefa Poloma Komiti