5 Feb 2008

Samoa tourist numbers continue rise

4:17 pm on 5 February 2008

Samoa's Hotel Association says more tourists visited the country last year compared with the year before.

New Zealand continues to be Samoa's top market with more than 50,000 visitors followed by Australia with about 22,000.

Numbers were slightly down for Europe and the mainland US.

The Association's chief executive officer, Nynette Sass, says the arrival numbers have yet to be officially confirmed, but Samoa is becoming increasingly popular.

"The total arrival was 122,250. The increase between 2005 and 2006 was 13.8 percent. Between 2006 and 07 was only five point five percent increase. The increase is attributed to the VSI and the holidayers. It's also because of the campaigns that have started last year in New Zealand and Australia, hence the increase in figures."

Nynette Sass says Samoa will continue with its advertising campaigns in New Zealand and Australia, and will also target the western parts of the US this year as they look most promising.