5 Feb 2008

Samoa drive switch opposition off to Savaii

4:15 pm on 5 February 2008

A group against switching the side of the road people drive on in Samoa is taking its petition to Savaii island this month.

The government plans to change the side of the road people drive on, after allowing for the importation of right hand drive vehicles to begin from this month.

But the group People Against Switching Sides, or PASS, is continuing with its campaign to keep the current system.

Its spokesman Toleaofoa Solomona says on February 23rd a public forum will be held in Salealoga on Savaii.

"PASS has been continuing its campaign by way of continued public awareness, through public dialogue, through media radio tv and newspaper. And we're also planning a public meeting on Savaii and depending on the outcome of that public meeting we may hold another march on Savaii itself, just like the march that was done here, in Apia."

A special parliamentary committee gauging public opinion on the issue will also travel to Savaii this month.

Meanwhile, a group of lawyers who are members of PASS, is working on a case to begin legal proceedings against the switch.