6 Feb 2008

Tonga civil society group plan to educate prospective MPs on political reform ideas

5:17 pm on 6 February 2008

The Tonga Civil Society Forum is planning a series of meetings for prospective MPs to raise their understanding about the political reforms due to be debated by the next Government.

Tonga goes to the polls in April and sweeping political reforms are expected to be in place by 2010, in time for a possible early election in that year.

The Forum's Drew Havea says the MPs elected this April will have a crucial role to play in this process and the body wants them to be well informed about constitutional reform and the country's legal framework.

"In order to give them ideas or give them some content in order that when they go into the House that there will be good discussions, that they have some idea and mission, [as to] where it will take Tonga in the 100 years to come."