12 Feb 2008

Tahoeraa Huiraatira says it can help form French Polynesia government

8:50 pm on 12 February 2008

French Polynesia's Tahoeraa Huiraatira party says it can play a decisive role in forming a stable majority following the second round of voting for the territorial assembly.

Its leaders have issued a statement but not spoken to the media since the election which left the newly formed To Tatou Aia group two seats short of 29 needed to govern.

Walter Zweifel reports

"The Tahoeraa leader Gaston Flosse has told a Tahiti website that he expects Gaston Tong Sang of the To Tatou Aia to become the next president. But the two leaders have yet to meet after the election after failing to reach any agreement before the polls that were called to increase political stability. The Union for Democracy meanwhile says the current situation is a personal setback for the Minister behind the reforms, Christian Estrosi. He pushed for the changes despite an overwhelming majority of French Polynesian assembly members voting against the plan. Late next week the new assembly is due to elect a speaker - a first marking of the power sharing arrangements now under consideration. In Papeete, Walter Zweifel."