14 Feb 2008

Plans for a highly visible safe sex campaign during this year's Pacific Arts Festival

4:34 pm on 14 February 2008

Exchanging cultures not diseases is one of the slogans put forward for a new HIV aids plan."

It's being developed by a specialist from the South Pacific Commission and the American Samoa Health Department to keep participants of the 10th Pacific Arts Festival safe from HIV/aids and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The festival will be held from July 20 to August 2 in American Samoa.

The behavioural change communication specialist for SPC's HIV/aids and STI programmes, Robin Drysdale, is helping the territory's Health Department with its campaign to promote safe sex.

She says the campaign will be highly visible at Festival venues.

"Condoms will be one of the things that we promote, but we will also be promoting people not having sex while they are here - the visitors. We will also be promoting people doing less risky sexual activities while they are here, so not having sex so therefore keeping themselves safe, but also condoms and making condoms available for those who do choose to be sexually active while they're here.