21 Feb 2008

Activists seek injunction to stop New Caledonian nickel mine project

2:44 pm on 21 February 2008

New Caledonian activists say they have this week applied for a court injunction to stop the Goro Nickel mining company from building a waste disposal pipe.

Goro is building a 21 kilometre long underwater pipe to carry liquid mining waste for disposal into the lagoon at the Havannah Channel.

The company says the liquid waste is neutralised and won't harm the environment.

But an activist, Mike Hosken, says the pipe will cause severe environmental damage and all construction should stop.

"The three injunctions that we have lodged are: The work should not be carried out during cyclone season, we are in the middle of the cyclone season right now. And also the approval of the high commissioner was an obligation and that was not given. And there was information that was being withheld during the public inquiry, which is only now coming out. These are the three reasons why the court should stop the work."

Mike Hosken

Activists had earlier disrupted work at the pipe.