26 Feb 2008

Womens' groups in Vanuatu table a series of recommendations to government

11:25 am on 26 February 2008

Women's groups in Vanuatu have tabled a series of recommendations to government this month for a zero tolerance approach to crime.

The move comes after a rise in crime and violence in society that many in the community claim isn't being adequately addressed by authorities.

The women's groups say the time for action is now.

Leilani Momoisea has more.

"Among the recommendations is for a National Crime Forum to be held, better resources for Police, a review of prisons, a community policing approach involving local leaders, and offering better opportunities in education. The National Council of Women is leading the call saying that if they work together with the government, police and other authorities they can make a difference and lower the crime rate. Women's groups are also calling for 2008 to be declared The Year of Crime Prevention."