26 Feb 2008

Vanuatu's Deputy Police Commissioner supports call from women

11:26 am on 26 February 2008

Vanuatu's Deputy Police Commissioner says he supports the call from women for a zero tolerance approach to crime but everybody needs to be involved.

Arthur Caulton says violent crimes are occurring more often during home invasions and burglaries, and more could be done to prevent them.

Among the women's recommendations are for police to be better resourced, a review of prisons, and more of a community policing approach involving local leaders, as well as better education opportunities for youth.

Arthur Caulton says if their recommendations were well supported, it could work.

"While the women's groups have voiced their concern, I think that its a matter for everyone. I think its working together with police, the community leaders and other leaders in society should be onside to solve the problem - as well as the National government."

Vanuatu's Deputy Police Commissioner Arthur Caulton

The recommendations are now with the Minister of Internal Affairs for consideration.