26 Feb 2008

Case of four Papuans accused of murder in PNG has been dismissed

11:33 am on 26 February 2008

The case of four Papuans accused of the murder of a senior magistrate in Papua New Guinea last October has been dismissed by the District Court.

Ivo Cappo was stoned to death after driving into a camp of 87 Papuan refugees in front of the United Nations refugee office in Port Moresby.

Four Papuans had been charged with his murder but the case was dismissed because there was insufficient evidence against them.

A lawyer and campaigner for the men, Annie Kajir, is pleased with the outcome.

"I'm very happy for them. They're quite young youths. We always knew from day one that it couldn't have been done by them. And I'm happy to see them back with their families and continuing what they normally do."

Annie Kajir, a campaigner and lawyer for Papuans in PNG.

The court found enough evidence against a fifth suspect, a police officer, who will now appear before the National Court to stand trial.