26 Feb 2008

Flosse takes over French Polynesian presidency from Temaru

2:17 pm on 26 February 2008

There has been a ceremony in French Polynesia to mark the handover of the presidential palace from Oscar Temaru to Gaston Flosse who was elected president for a five-year term at the weekend.

Mr Temaru says his Union For Democracy is expected to get ten ministries in the new 15-member government.

This arrangement would leave five ministries to the Tahoeraa Huiraatira.

Mr Temaru says the line-up is expected to be announced no later than tomorrow afternoon.

Meanwhile, the opposition To Tatou Aia coalition of Gaston Tong Sang has called for a march this weekend to protest at the deals and broken promises that led to the other parties securing power.

In the general election, the To Tatou Aia had won 27 of the assembly's 57 seats and hoped to form a coalition government with the Tahoeraa.