26 Feb 2008

Nauru airline hopes to get go-ahead to fly Micronesia-Fiji route

3:21 pm on 26 February 2008

Nauru's struggling carrier, Our Airline, will receive a huge boost if the Fiji government gives it the go-ahead to resume flights to Fiji acting as the Marshall Islands national carrier.

Nauru and the Marshall Islands signed an air agreement as part of an effort to resume flights into Fiji by Nauru's Our Airline.

Last year, Fiji rebuffed Our Airline's efforts to resume the Nadi to Kiribati route.

Our Marshall Islands correspondent, Giff Johnson, says the hope is that Nauru can use the Marshall Islands pre-existing service agreement by acting as its national carrier for international service purposes.

He says says the route helps connect isolated islands to Fiji and airline officials say it's critical to the economic survival of the carrier.

"It's a hugely important route for these islands. I mean even though the numbers aren't excessively large they will sustain air service two or three times a week. So, for 'Our Airline' and Air Marshall Islands obviously it's considered a money maker and is key to Our Airline's financial health."

The Marshall Islands are awaiting the Fiji government's response to its request to revive the Marshall Islands air service agreement.