26 Feb 2008

Deported publisher's wife and daughter told to leave Fiji

8:30 pm on 26 February 2008

The wife of an Australian newspaper publisher deported from Fiji says she has now been given three weeks to leave the country.

The managing editor of the Fiji Sun, Russell Hunter, arrived in Sydney on Tuesday afternoon.

The previous night he was escorted from his home in Suva by seven men in immigration uniforms.

Martha Waradin says she heard nothing from her husband until the morning, when one of his staff contacted the airline and learnt he'd been put on a flight to Australia.

She says she and the couple's 13 year old daughter must now leave as well.

"I've been contacted by the immigration department to say that because russel has been deported my visa is now null and void. So they've asked if two weeks was enough for my daughter and I to pack up and i've asked if they could give us three weeks. so they've agreed to that."

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Martha Waradin, the wife of the newspaper publisher, Russell Hunter, who was deported from Fiji on Tuesday morning