28 Feb 2008

Niue TV transmitter needs replacing

4:36 pm on 28 February 2008

After just two years, Niue's TV transmitting equipment is corroded and needs to be replaced urgently.

Engineers from the New Zealand company Kordia have been out to assess the equipment and say the wrong materials were used.

The transmitter which was a gift from China was erected just two years ago.

The General Manager of the Broadcasting Corporation, Patrick Lino, says he was warned that the transmitter would blow off the towers in the next tropical storm.

Mr Lino says he has tried to make contact with the Chinese donors but to no avail.

"We tried out best to communicate with the company involved and we are finding that very difficult with the communication and language difficulties as well. It hasn't been good to try and communicate with them. What we're doing at the moment is to try and facilitate a means for changing or replacing the equipment and see if we can get someone from New Zealand or Australia to replace it with something that could last a while, especially with our conditions."

Patrick Lino