28 Feb 2008

100 Niue households face power disconnection

4:26 pm on 28 February 2008

About 100 households in Niue will be without power from next week because people haven't paid their power bills.

The General Manager of the Niue Power Corporation, Speedo Hetutu, says they are owed 150,000 New Zealand dollars by customers.

Mr Hetutu warned people earlier this week on the radio that the company would start disconnecting them if they were behind on their payments.

He says since then about 30 customers have paid, leaving about 100 who are still in arrears.

Mr Hetutu says this has left the company facing a cash crisis.

"Not enough money to pay for the fuel generating power and paying other businesses that we get services from."

Mr Hetutu says he is optimistic that power will not be rationed during this financial crisis.