28 Feb 2008

Canberra talks focus on how to achieve sustainable economic development on Nauru

8:07 pm on 28 February 2008

Nauru's Foreign Affairs and Finance Minister, Dr. Kieren Keke says he and his Australian counterpart, Stephen Smith, see eye to eye on how to overcome the impact of the closure of the asylum seeker detention centre on the island.

He met with Mr Smith this week in Canberra.

Dr. Keke says details of specific projects are still to be developed, but the discussions touched on the revitalised phosphate industry, how to harness Nauru's fishing assets and attracting foreign investment.

And he says, in the interim, his Government has begun to make use of the detention centre.

"Some of the buildings are being relocated to add classrooms to existing primary schools on the island, some are also going to be used for additional office space for certain government departments. The majority of the buildings are currently being refurbished or reconfigured to suit housing of the secondary school whilst our current secondary school is being demolished and rebuilt."