29 Feb 2008

Report on Fiji media deemed seriously flawed

4:34 pm on 29 February 2008

A publisher in Fiji says a report about the media in Fiji is seriously flawed and no one should take it seriously.

The report, commissioned by the Fiji Human Rights Commission, and written by Dr Jim Anthony, recommends the interim government not renew work permits in the media industry.

The report says the relationship between the Government and the media is broken, the media is run by 8 Europeans, and that the media should be taxed to set up a tribunal to oversee it.

The managing director of Communications Fiji Limited, William Parkinson, says the report is ridiculous.

"This report is just flawed in so many ways and inaccurate. It really is a joke, Once you read through it it's just unbelieveable that anyone could produce this and expect it to be taken seriously."

William Parkinson says a seven percent tax to fund a tribunal would cripple the industry.