29 Feb 2008

Samoa exporter cut the price it will pay for nonu juice

4:29 pm on 29 February 2008

Samoa's biggest exporter of nonu juice, has dropped the buying price for nonu.

Nonu Samoa Enterprises is now offering 40 sene a kilo for nonu, down from 50 sene a kilo.

The company's Managing Director Garry Vui said the overseas demand for nonu from Samoa has dropped because of competition from Asian producers in Malaysia and the Phillipines.

He says nonu exports peaked in 2005 when four companies sent out an average of 100,000 litres per month.

Now monthly exports of nonu juice have dropped to 32,000 litres.

Vui explained that Malaysian and Philippine producers are selling their nonu much more cheaply than Samoa and were flooding the overseas markets.

The decline of the US dollar has also had an impact on the profitability of nonu production.

Vui says his company sells nonu in US currency which has dropped dramatically from what it was in 2005.

Another factor is the rising cost of shipping due to fuel prices.