3 Mar 2008

Tonga organisation struggles with rehabilitation efforts

2:48 pm on 3 March 2008

The volunteer organisation LIFELINE Tonga says it's struggling to cope with the influx of referrals from the Supreme Court for rehabilitation.

388 cases have come before the court with many people facing charges of riotous assembly and destruction of buildings in the November 2006 riot.

The Minister of Justice introduced LIFELINE's youth and adult programmes, mainly for first time offenders.

Its director, the Reverend Fili Lilo, says LIFELINE offers ideal programmes, but it needs at least 10,000 US dollars to help with rising administration costs, transportation and staffing to cope.

"Because they asked us to put our service on their Centre after 16/11/2006, and we offer our service to them, but then later on we found out that we struggle with the financial matters."

The Reverend Fili Lilo.