3 Mar 2008

New Zealand fully behind Forum summit being held on Niue

8:19 pm on 3 March 2008

A New Zealand Foreign Affairs official says New Zealand police and the Defence Force will be part of the support for Niue when it stages the Pacific Islands Forum summit in August this year.

This comes amid calls by Opposition MP, Terry Coe, that Niue should instead host the event in New Zealand because the island lacks the finance and other resources to stage it.

But David Payton, who heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Special Relationship Unit, says New Zealand is fully committed to the summit being held on Niue.

He says along with the Forum, Australia and other countries, they will supplement Niue's resources.

"We are looking at exactly what sort of resources are available, what would be needed, and that work is ongoing, so you are looking at the early stages of co-operation between New Zealand and Niue to make sure that a viable, appropriately sized, Forum can take place in Niue."

David Payton.