3 Mar 2008

Vanuatu NGO launches Custom School

8:13 pm on 3 March 2008

Preserving culture is the aim of a new curriculum launched in Vanuatu.

A youth NGO, the Young People's Project, has established a Custom School to help Port Vila's migrant communities stay in touch with their cultures.

The scheme is financially backed by the New Zealand Government and its High

Commissioner in Port Vila, Jeff Langley, says it is an opportunity for Vanuatu to embrace its multi-culturalism and make it a strength.

He says the Custom School will focus initially on the five largest migrant communities.

"It's really just in recognition, the young people themselves getting together and recognising that with increasing urbanisation here in Port Vila that they see value in putting young people in touch with the custom and traditional roots of their own home communities - their communities from the particular island that they identify with."