4 Mar 2008

Tornado destroys two homes on Rarotonga

3:00 pm on 4 March 2008

Two houses were wrecked when a tornado ripped through part of the Cook Islands main island of Rarotonga at the weekend.

The tornado, in the Nikao area, swept across the airport, near a school and the golf club without causing damage.

But Public Works' Minister, Ngamau Munokoa, who has a property in the area, says a homeowner adjacent to the golf course was not so lucky.

"All the roof has been taken off and thrown down on the seaside in this man's property. And then the next house opposite the road direct from this man's house and half of his house has been taken threequarters of an acre further down."

Ngamau Munokoa says a garage at a third property was stripped of its contents, one plantation lost its fruit and other trees have been damaged.

She says she is looking for help rebuild the wrecked houses.