6 Mar 2008

Solomons' Government to unveil new sustainable forestry plan

8:22 pm on 6 March 2008

The Solomon Islands Government is to make public tomorrow its plans for the forestry sector.

Last year the former Governnment was warned by their own officials that the country's current rate of forest clearance would mean all the wood would be gone in five years.

One of the solutions put forward was to encourage the planting of plantation forests and this is key element in the basis of the latest plan.

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation reports that the Forestry Extension officer reforestation programme details assistance for land owners in developing and managing plantations.

Under the plan, land owners could be assisted with the supply of seeds, which could include high value species such as teak, mahogany and eucalyptus.

The aim of the project is to improve long term livelihoods by building the capacity skills of land owners to establish and maintain timber plantations on their land for the sustained supply of timber.