12 Mar 2008

Campaign against HIV/AIDS infection in Indonesia's Papua called ineffective

9:54 am on 12 March 2008

A women's alliance has called the campaign against HIV/AIDS infection in Indonesia's Papua province ineffective, citing the steep rise in cases in the last several years.

A number of Papuan women of the Women's Challenge Alliance held a demonstration to observe World Women's Day in Abepura during the weekend.

Fauzia Hayati Raharawin, who coordinated the demonstration, told the Jakarta Post, that too much money is being spent on education and campaigns, while not enough on providing care, support and treatment.

She says the campaign needs to be reviewed because more people are being infected, and those with HIV/AIDS had received discriminatory treatment from medical workers.

She says anti-AIDS pamphlets and banners are found almost in all public places, workshops are being held on the issue but the number of people with HIV/AIDS continues to increase.

There are currently 90,000-130,000 people with HIV/AIDS in the province, a drastic increase from 4,500 cases in September 2004.

Fauzia Hayati Raharawin also condemned the discriminative treatment of people with HIV/AIDS, saying many health workers had rejected treating them.