14 Mar 2008

Fiji president accused of unconstitutional post-coup response

4:40 pm on 14 March 2008

The lawyer for Fiji's deposed Prime Minister has told the Suva High Court that the President's actions after the 2006 coup were outside the provisions of the constitution.

Laisenia Qarase's lawyer, Nye Perram, was responding to the state's lawyers argument that the court has no power to review the actions of the President , as part of his case challenging the legality of the 2006 Coup.

Our correspondent, Matelita Ragogo, reports that Mr Perram cited cases from the past 600 years.

"What Perran proposed was that the crown has not had absolute power since then. While he agrees that perogative for the office of the president is provided for in the constitution but it is not absolute, there are limits and that the actual actions after the takeover were outside the provisions of the constitution."

The case continues, with closing arguments expected to begin on Tuesday.