18 Mar 2008

Fiji National Provident Fund Board says resolution on salary issue will be reached

11:35 am on 18 March 2008

The Fiji National Provident Fund Board says it will ensure an amicable resolution is reached over unresolved salary issues it has with its workforce, who are members of the Fiji Bank Employees Union.

Fiji Live online said that the FNPF in a statement said that the board through management has continued to consult and dialogue in good faith with union workers over these issues.

According to the statement, the Ministry of Labour Disputes Committee recommended a two and three per cent Cost of Living Adjustment for 2005 and 2006 respectively this week.

The Fund said it had not reneged on its duties as an employer and to its employees and would continue to seek dialogue that would encapsulate the interest of both, bearing in mind its paramount responsibility as a custodian of members' funds.

FNPF had also defended its board members, Felix Anthony and Daniel Urai and said that they are there to look after the interest of all members.