19 Mar 2008

American Samoa wants more businesses investing in Territory

12:08 pm on 19 March 2008

With the fear of it's two main employers moving off-shore, American Samoa wants more businesses investing in the territory.

The two tuna canneries have indicated they may leave the territory following the US government's imposition of a minimum wage increase of US$7.25 by the year 2014.

The director of commerce and tourism, Falesiu Eliu Paopao says the territory offers a number of incentives to businesses including tax exemptions for ten years.

He says if the canneries leave, so will the majority of jobs.

"It will be an impact, a great impact to American Samoa because about 80 percent of the jobs, our economy is depending on that two canneries. That's the reason why we'll try to get business in American Samoa for jobs for our people."

Falesiu Eliu Paopao says his office is working on a plan to ready itself for the possibility of the canneries moving off-shore.