19 Mar 2008

Nauru parliament to resume after failed bid to oust government

4:47 pm on 19 March 2008

A spokesman for the Nauru Government says it will be business as usual when the Parliament sits tomorrow, despite a deadlock after the Opposition had failed in its bid to bring a vote of no confidence.

Brisbane based Rod Henshaw says he expects the nine/nine split among MPs to last some time, though he claims there are indications some on the Opposition benches could switch their allegiance.

He says the bid to topple the Government is being driven by the former Foreign and Finance Minister David Adeang, who was forced out of office in a similar fashion last December.

Mr Henshaw says Mr Adeang's alliance with former President Rene Harris is a very unlikely pairing.

"They're two of the most unlikely bed fellows you could ever come across and of course, poor old Ludwig Scotty is somewhere there in the mix too. I think it is being masterminded by David Adeang. He is obviously hurting having been dumped late last year and I think he is out for revenge."

Rod Henshaw