20 Mar 2008

CNMI call for veteran's clinic

2:38 pm on 20 March 2008

There are calls in the Northern Marianas for a veteran's clinic to be set up.

More than 80 combat veterans from the US military are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder but are finding it difficult to find the help they need.

According to Troops-To-Teachers programme director, Gerri Willis, the CNMI is in dire need of a veteran's clinic with specialised counsellors for veterans.

Gerri Willis says because the CNMI is isolated, veterans find it difficult to get the much needed help they need and deserve.

The Military and Veterans Affairs executive officer, Ruth Coleman, agrees with the need for the CNMI to have a health care clinic for veterans.

But she says any veteran who goes through any kind of war can easily suffer from such a disorder.