26 Mar 2008

Guam school remains closed over safety and health issue

2:33 pm on 26 March 2008

The Governor's office in Guam says public schools undergoing repairs to comply with stringent health and safety standards have forced the delay of the new school term for at least one school.

Guam's Public School System asked the Governor to approve an emergency declaration to allow it to keep another nine schools from being closed for serious health and safety violations.

As work has been ongoing during the recess, the executive assistant to the Governor Shawn Gumataotao says Southern High School had to be shut down and students have been asked to stay away until the situation is rectified.

"Some of the violations were non-working toilets, non-working sinks, non-working water fountains, there was also a couple of tanks connected to the swimming pool that were cracked, and the pool was a breeding ground for mosquitoes."

Shaun Gumataotao says he hopes the school can re-open as soon as possible.