27 Mar 2008

New elections are the only commonsense move says the Nauru Opposition

8:29 pm on 27 March 2008

The Nauru Opposition MP, David Adeang, who became Speaker last week, says the Government has to see the common sense of calling an early election.

Nauru held a poll just seven months ago but in December, Mr Adeang, along with then President Ludwig Scotty and several others, was tossed out in a vote of no confidence.

The new Government however has been unable to maintain a majority and the 18 seat assembly is now deadlocked at nine votes apiece.

Mr Adeang says he intends calling Parliament tomorrow but with the institution unable to work properly the only course for the Government is to call an election.

"Its mandate comes from the House and since it has lost its mandate, really, commonsense tells you that they either resign or dissolve the House and go back to elections. And if they resign it seems that the House will still be an impasse so really we are back to square one, really, where we should be reaffirming our mandate from our people through general elections."