31 Mar 2008

Fiji seeks ways to get weightlifter to Beijing follwoing visa bungle

2:10 pm on 31 March 2008

The Fiji National Olympic Committee is trying to find a way for its weightlifters to qualify for the Beijing Olympics, despite missing a tournament because of a visa bungle.

The Fiji team missed the Oceania Championships in Auckland over the weekend after an administration bungle has left at least six lifters stranded without visas.

Fiji's top prospect Josefa Vueti was tipped to win his events at the Oceania level and clinch a spot at the Olympics.

The Chef de Mission for the Fiji Olympic team, Patrick Bower, says it is a huge disappointment, and the committee is working to see what went wrong.

"I think more so to the federation but I definitely do feel that both sides yes. It just isn't can happen overnight with regards to visas. So these things should have been sorted out early enough knowing the difficult situation we are in."

Patrick Bower says the committee is talking to those responsible for qualifying, and hopes there's a chance for someone to qualify.