31 Mar 2008

Papua New Guineans in New Zealand for Oxfam fundraiser

8:16 pm on 31 March 2008

Oxfam New Zealand has brought three Papua New Guineans to New Zealand to take part in an annual 100 kilometre race to raise money.

The Oxfam trailwalker is a 100-kilometre walk, done in teams of 4 over around 2 days, and hopes this year to raise 1.3 million dollars.

Daniell Cowley , the Papua New Guinea programme manager for Oxfam New Zealand, says bringing the three men here is a chance for oxfam supporters to see tangible aspects of its work.

"It's also a good chance for these boys to come down and see what life is like in New Zealand. You know, you can just walk about on the streets, and you can just go around without any worries, jump in the car, just go down the store, which you can't really always do in PNG. So, it's a good chance for them, and you know they'll go back and the whole point of these boys is that they are role models, so they're going to be going back, telling their story - they've got their own youth groups, they've got their own networks. So hopefully it will build on from there as well."

Daniell Cowley says Oxfam's main focus in PNG is peace building and conflict reduction.