1 Apr 2008

Former Speaker of Nauru Parliament says politicians must end vendetta.

11:12 am on 1 April 2008

A former Speaker of the Nauru Parliament says what he calls the personal vendetta between senior politicians must stop because the instability is hurting the people.

Russell Kun who is now a lawyer working in the Marshall Islands, was commenting at the ongoing political stalemate in Nauru, where the Parliament is evenly split.

He says the scrap over the Citizenship Act is the same as one he became embroiled in four years ago, leading to the measure being amended to allow for dual citizenship for MPs.

Now that has been changed back in controversial circumstances.

Mr Kun says the country is really hurting and the politicians need to work together.

"Their personal vendetta - this nonsense must stop. So [if they are] calling for another election, going back to the people, let them, and let the people decide and, in their wisdom, put on whoever they want to put on."