1 Apr 2008

Forum hopes for return of stability in Nauru

3:37 pm on 1 April 2008

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat is hoping political stability is quickly restored in Nauru.

The country's Parliament has been in a stalemate for weeks with both sides effectively holding nine seats each.

The Forum has a number of aid programmes underway in Nauru as the country tries to rebuild its economy and restore social services.

A Deputy Secretary General for the Forum, Feleti Teo, says a stable political environment would allow them to deliver these programmes.

"We haven't had any adverse feedback from our people on the ground, whether the situation is adversely impacting on their ability to deliver what they have been placed there to deliver, but we will certainly be monitoring the situation quite closely."

Feleti Teo, a Deputy Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum.

He says the Nauru political crisis has impacted on the Forum's other activities, such as Foreign Minister Keke not being able to attend last week's Foreign Ministers meeting in Auckland.