2 Apr 2008

Nauru Supreme Court to sit on Friday on controversial dual citizenship law change

2:06 pm on 2 April 2008

Both sides in the Nauru political crisis say they are focussing on a Supreme court sitting due on Friday to consider the constitutionality of moves by the Speaker, Opposition MP, David Adeang.

Two weeks ago, Mr Adeang engineered changes to the Citizenship Act, making it illegal for MPs to hold dual citizenship.

The changes could give the Opposition a majority in the Parliament - something Mr Adeang has failed to achieve in two subsequent sittings.

The Government says the changes lack validity and spokesman, Justice Minister, Mathew Batsiua, says they are waiting for the Supreme Court to sit and hear their challenge.

"The Chief Justice will be coming to Nauru, arriving Friday morning, and he will be immediately seeking submissions and hearing submissions from the various people interested to make submissions on the matter, with a view to having a decision soon after that."

Mathew Batsiua.

David Adeang says he may also delay calling Parliament until after the Chief Justice has made a decision.