4 Apr 2008

Fiji's interim govt ministers were not subjected to pay cut last year - says official

10:21 am on 4 April 2008

Fiji's interim Government Ministers were not subjected to the 5 per cent pay cut last year like other civil servants because of their relatively higher workload.

That's according to the Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister's Office Parmesh Chand.

He added that the interim ministers were also paid less than the previous ministers.

Mr Chand told Fiji Live their remuneration package is much lower than the previous ministers.

He also said the interim ministers took over additional responsibilities by virtue of the size of the Cabinet having been significantly reduced from as much as 34 ministers and assistant ministers to only 17 ministers.

Mr Chand was reacting to comments made at the Fiji Public Service Association AGM last week that despite the implementation of a 5 per cent across-the-board pay cut for all civil servants, the ministers retained their salaries.